Engagements and wedding photography generally goes hand in hand. Choosing a photographer for your big day goes beyond the final product.  Your photographer is next to you all day, we need to get along. I speak to my clients like I speak to my friends. You won’t find me forcing you into albums or conducting a stuffy meeting.  There is a time and a place for professionalism.  When we are getting to know each other, working your engagement session and chatting back and forth about details is the time to be EXACTLY who we are.  I want you to know me for who I am and feel comfortable, just like I want to know you and learn to anticipate what you are looking for and how to deliver you an amazing product you will love. I offer several different wedding packages, just contact me to discuss the package that is right for you.  Packages start at $900 and can be customized to fit your special day!

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